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About Us

The Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser (KWP) is the largest provider for Senior Care in Austria. Our 4,200 employees care for approximately 8,800 residents in 30 Senior Homes, and additionally for 17,000 visitors to the 160 Senior Clubs (Pensionistenklubs) of the City of Vienna.

Our Services

The KWP Senior Homes provide long-term Residential Care Services including:

¢   Supported Living: For seniors who do not need nursing care, but who – for various reasons (social isolation, for instance) – do not want to or cannot continue living at home.

¢   Assisted Living: Provides services to seniors who need care and receive federal care allowance (level 1 through 7). KWP treatment professionals create a program tailored to each resident’s individual needs.

¢   Long-Term Nursing Care: Provides care to seniors who need around-the-clock nursing care by qualified staff (care allowance level 3 or higher)


The KWP in Detail

¢   30 Senior Homes throughout Vienna. Our Headquarters are located at Seegasse 9, 1090 Vienna, Austria

¢ Residences offering specialized services:

- Two Remobilisation-Units: "House Wieden" and "House Atzgersdorf"
- A Long-Term Care Unit for seniors suffering from dementia: "House Rosenberg"
- Assisted Living for seniors with disabilities: "House Mariahilf" and "House Neubau"

¢   We also manage Vienna’s 160 municipal Senior Clubs. The Clubs are open daily and attract more active Seniors.



KWP – an integral part of the Viennese Social System

KWP is owned by the City of Vienna and provides essential social services for elderly citizens. It is a recognized institution according to the guidelines of the Vienna Social Fund (Fonds Soziales Wien/FSW) in charge of supporting Viennese through city funding.

The City seeks to assure that adequate levels of needed social services are made available to all residents, especially low-income residents to ensure their social well-being.

To this end, the City of Vienna also provides financial support to elderly citizens in need of care and nursing services offered by the KWP. Under this scheme, seniors who can't afford paying for those services make a contribution (max. 80 % of their pension income) towards the cost of their housing and care and the City of Vienna pays the balance. If a client receives a federal long-term care allowance (level 1 through 7), provided by Federal pension insurance authorities, this is also taken into account.

If you'd like to know more, please download our folder in English or contact us directly (in English or German).